How To Identify A Maine Coon Kitten

How To Identify A Maine Coon Kitten

Maine Coon kittens will be recognized in quite a lot of methods. Their rectangular physique form, bigger measurement, medium-long thick fur, and lynx-like ear tufts are all key bodily components to look out for when making an attempt to determine a Maine Coon kitten. Maine Coon kittens even have distinctive personalities and temperaments, although these qualities will probably be more durable to determine throughout a viewing. Nonetheless, patrons ought to contemplate whether or not the kitten has a sociable, affectionate, talkative, and delicate nature.

What Does A Maine Coon Kitten Look Like?

Though not 100% full proof, patrons can swat up on what a Maine Coon kitten bodily appears like, earlier than going to view a kitten they’ve seen marketed on-line. Studying methods to determine a Maine Coon kitten upfront is a crucial stage throughout the buying course, that patrons ignore at their very own Ferrell.

Distinct bodily options of Maine Coon kittens

Physique Constructed

Maine Coons are born bigger than any cat. Maine Coon kittens have strongly constructed frames to assist their elongated rectangular physique form.


They’re actually happy with their very bushy, fluffy, and massive tails. Maine Coon kittens are stored heat and comfortable with their long shaggy hair. Their tails are often impartial in a shade of brown with an overcoat of ringed black stripes.

Shaggy Coat

Maine Coon kittens have shaggy fur. Their thick fur is protecting, with a satin-soft undercoat. Regardless of some fur and coat shedding, these kittens seem like they’re actually dressed for the winter. Their thick coat additionally helps them survive the cruel climate and assist their massive paws to stroll within the snow.


Some folks say that Maine Coon kittens’ eyes are sort of intimidating as a result of they’re massive. Extremely expressive, they may intimidate anybody by merely staring, making you suppose that they’ve secrets and techniques you don’t learn about.


A Maine Coon kitten’s ears look very very like a bobcat’s. Constructed for heat, its ears are closely coated with fur and are just like that of lynx’s with tufts besides.

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